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Ensemble folklorique « Fiestas de Mexico »

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      What's new to say about Mexico? It is a country that is in the hearts of all spectators because its rhythms, its songs, its dances simply symbolize what we expect from a popular show. That is to say passion, talent, costumes which are all a feast for the eyes.


It is a territory of very old civilization which has been crossed from north to south by a multitude of peoples and tribes who found accommodation somewhere and left indelible traces of their culture. So much so that this country has become a mosaic of peoples but also of dances, music and monuments. When we know that the first occupants were already on this land at the beginning of the Christian era and that the influences, in the 15th century, of the Spaniards who came to mix their own culture with those that already existed, were superimposed on these achievements, we understand then better than such a diversity of origins, such a mixture of rhythms and talents have given a nation which sings and dances all the time. This Mexico with its thousand facets surprises and cannot leave you indifferent.


Dance in Mexico is the result of several processes of crossbreeding from the conquest to our modern era. It is recognized worldwide as a synonym of magnificence and splendor. It had a very specific function in the past because it was the means of evangelizing the natives and appropriating to them the European vision of life.


“In Mexico, tradition is alive and comes before progress” according to Norma Lazcano Arce, a renowned Mexican ethnographer. It is one of the rare countries where ancestral traditions are still lived in all their authenticity. By tradition, we mean not only the ritual that makes it up, but also the devotion of Mexicans to perpetuating it.


 The folkloric ensemble “Fiestas de Mexico” from Tultitlán by Mariano Escobedo – State of Mexico – is part of this lineage. In thirty-five years, he has already participated in twenty-nine world tours and fifty international folklore festivals, managing to accumulate numerous distinctions and recognitions for the dissemination of Mexican folklore. The ballet is extraordinary in rhythm and talent. It is masterfully managed by Juan Carlos RODRIGUEZ OROZCO who created it.


And in this adventure what becomes of the “Mariachis”? There are twelve of them. Through their revolutionary or loving songs, no one remains insensitive to their charm which makes the revolution a joyous moment in history and love the main concern of Mexicans. Once again, you will indulge in the seductive charm of these people and this ballet.

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